Remember This...

                I sat on the park bench and listened.
                I found it rather odd, actually-
                                there was one hen and two ducks,
                (and I know this isn't odd, but let me continue)
                and they were bickering
                                      and forth
                with three squawking geese.
                It was a fowl little debate,
                                with neither side
                                    appearing to give even
                                                an inch.
                I wasn't sure what the
                     squabble was
                but they were getting pretty rowdy
                                and beginning to attract attention.
                                four corpulent porpoises
                burst on the scene,
                                each with five pairs of Don Alberto tweezers.
                Apparently, they determined to pluck
                                the instigators.

                I've always hated violence
                                so I intervened.

                I thought humor was the key
                   and I happened to have
                                six limerick oysters with me,
                so I shouted to the fracas.
                For a moment they paused...
                                "Give me a minute to
                                                entertain and amuse.
                                 I'm sure you'll find it better than fighting," 
                                 I called.

                        if you didn't know,
                        it's not wise to anger
                                fat dolphins 
                    (especially when they're already engaged).
                And with a clap of their
                the entire area was crowded
                                with 7,000
                                in full
                                battle array.

At that moment
                                the birds flew away,
                and everything became quiet.
                     Apparently, they wanted to
                                                confrontation as well.

                This left four porpoises and 7,000 Macedonians
                                a bit confused,
                                but they dispersed
                                with nary a thought.

                As this ended, I realized that
                                I had forgotten my companions.
                I turned back to the eight brass monkeys,
                                                who had just flown in
                                                from the ancient, sacred
                                                                crypts of Egypt,
                and asked them
                                their opinion on
                                the whole affair.

                They shrugged their shoulders
                                and stared at me
                                in confusion.

                I guess they were wondering where
                                                I got those oysters...

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