Thanks to Stephanie B from Queens for the inspiration.




A Few Days Ago, at the Key Food, I Bought Some Slick Talk Repellent

And then at the car dealer I heard word

        of the moon roof romance package

and the philharmonic hip hop doo wop

        get down surround sound upgrade

and the six hundred and sixty station

        satellite system to snatch those sounds

luscious leather seats & folding vibrating

        ass warmers & neck massagers &

elbow degreasers and no sir

        I’ll just take the metallic blue model I test drove

over there

and on the subway “Ladies & Gentlemen

        boys & girls, cats & dogs, yens & yangs,

animals & vegetables & minerals,

young & old, tourists & commuters,

        feast your eyes on this fine flight of fancy

magic. Watch the watch disappear and

        the colored hankie appear & appear &

appear and pick a card any card is

        this your MTA card? and I found this

$5 behind your ear in your wallet and

        this last trick, my last trick will need all

                of you to volunteer as we take this

        empty bag and fill it with money

a money bag if you will”

                and no sir

        unless you made money magically

        manifest in my money clip

                your bag will not be filled

                        by my bills

and at the rally

        hype about building walls & baiting

races & bashing bad guys

        & punching protestors & making

‘Murikkka great by being great and being

        wonderful and it’s terrific we can

try because I’m telling you my business is

        great, very successful and I’ve a terrific package

and there’s no problem in the junk

        department and these hands would

handle my daughter if she weren’t

        my daughter and those bimbos &

sluts & rapists are really

        missing out but they should sign up

                for my surveillance plan, it’s

        really great let me tell you

and you did

                and I’m not having it

and his spiel about the Spartans & Ospreys & Super

        Hornets spraying chemtrails

and killing angels & thoughts of climate change

        & televised revolutions & burning evolutions & not-so-resolute resolutions

& capitalist competition, all

        backed by the coked-out Kochs and

                cock sucking congress crackers

                        I’m not buying it

and her whispers, sweet strategic nothings

        talk of comic books (You’ll always be my best girl) and

                galaxies far away (You’re my only hope. I know.)

        mesmerizing missives on future memories

                spontaneous sprints to a weekend

        along the Seine, bookended by hand-in-hand

wanderings in Central Park and arm-in-

        arm attendance of crowded pub crawls

                of Shakesbeerian proportions,

feisty fiery glances between the stacks

        of The Strand, fingertips fingering spines

                as later we will do,

                        lazy mornings with cups upon

                cups of coffee, stacks of pancakes

        & puddles of syrup, liberty

                enlightening our whatever it is

No. I will not hear it.

You will not

        break my heart.


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