One-quarter of the way there. Keep your heads up!



The Art of the Deal, the Art of the Con


which in Washington used to be called the art of spin
tangled webs spinning out of the White House of Horrors
from this Horror Clown as we all cry out “Please not this
Horror Clown” not this Fuckface von Clownstick sticking
it to each and every one of us, swamping us
with his swamp draining so he can restock
and refill with new, unimproved, bigger, slimier,
swampier dregs--upranking the muck and
muckraking those not in the circus, those not blinded
by the dazzle and razzle of alternative facts, living an
alternative lifestyle where facts and evidence and proof
aren’t in the pudding or the porridge,
the porridge not being too hot or too cool, just
alt-right alt-right alt-right
and yet it’s not alright (all right?)
as alarm bells ring and hitting the snooze button
is not an option, seeing as how even another
nine minutes, never mind nine days or 9 ½ weeks
of this nonsense might be too much, yet here we are
praying that in 9 months
we might give birth to A New Hope and the Real
America, not this alt-reich unreality brought about
by this reality TV so-called president, who really is
the rapist-in-chief and the chief conman and 
the celebrity-in-chief, the head of
outrageous statements, who surely should have followed
his followers advice and kept his celebrity nose out of politics
and politicking
and the clock is ticking
how long until the next election? are we there yet?
can we stop to drop off this bullying buffoon, this
mendacious mountebank, this comical conman,
this narcissistic nincompoop?
the clock is ticking,
the clock is tocking,
                and the clock is ticking
                and the clock is tocking


© David Siller– 2017





For the first 100 days of the Trumpet administration, this blog will feature a new poem of protest, by my own hand and by others. They will be polished gems, or rough cut drafts of rage, or in process pieces searching for peace. They may be haiku or tanka, limericks or lyrics, verses free or fettered. If you would like to submit to this endeavor, please send an email, with poem saved as a word document (.docx) to waxyandpoetic AT gmail DOT com. All rights remain with the author.

VISUAL ARTISTS ! Do you have something visually poetic that you’d like to submit? GO FOR IT!

Please address any formatting preferences in your email. I will post submissions time permitting, with at least one per day. Editing will be limited to obvious errors of spelling and the like.

Read, follow, share, re-tweet, submit, live, love, spread light! Don’t forget to use #100Days100Poems !



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