Today we’re adding yet another element to the #100Days100Poems wheelhouse. Hoping to get some good protests out of some short forms new to/unused by this writer, Day 56 finds us christening #SmallHandsPoetry, because with hands that small, one can’t really write that much, n’est-ce pas?

Here we present to you two versions of a cinquain, a five-line poem broken based on syllable counts, or a five-line poem revolving around an image presented in the opening line, and circling back around to it.

These are, at the moment, untitled poems from #SmallHandPoetry:


microwave! Cam-
era-ready toaster!
Can you smell what the con man is


wire-tapped & camera-ready
“What’d you say?”
Must remain vigilant! Thus:
smart microwaves.

© David Siller – 2017



For the first 100 days of the Trumpet administration, this blog will feature a new poem of protest, by my own hand and by others. They will be polished gems, or rough cut drafts of rage, or in process pieces searching for peace. They may be haiku or tanka, limericks or lyrics, verses free or fettered. If you would like to submit to this endeavor, please send an email, with poem saved as a word document (.docx) to waxyandpoetic AT gmail DOT com. All rights remain with the author.

VISUAL ARTISTS ! Do you have something visually poetic that you’d like to submit? GO FOR IT!

Please address any formatting preferences in your email. I will post submissions time permitting, with at least one per day. Editing will be limited to obvious errors of spelling and the like.

Read, follow, share, re-tweet, submit, live, love, spread light! Don’t forget to use #100Days100Poems !


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