U.S. Code Title 2  §ection  7. Time of election

The Tuesday next after the 1st Monday in November, in every even numbered year, is established as the day for the election, in each of the States and Territories of the United States,


Vote! because they’re trying their damnedest to stop you.
Vote! because refugees need refuge not refusal.
Vote! because small counties in small states can’t see past their gated community walls.
Vote! because courts should protect not reject rights.
Vote! because kids should be in pillow forts not cages.
Vote! because presidents should seek neither prophet nor profits,
 and be neither puppet nor poppet.
Vote! because walls make better shelters, not better borders.
Vote! because Black Lives Matter.
Vote! because bodily autonomy is not under the sovereign rule of the fragile
 white man, the melting snowflake, the flaccid cock.
Vote! because mail-in ballots are more valuable than a white male in power.
Vote! because tear gas is a terrible twist on gaslighting.
Vote! because  integrity and honor are better than payment after being on her.
Vote! because plans panned for a pandemic is plain manic, especially when meant
 to avoid panic in the public opinion polls.
Vote! because masks aren’t political, and the unmasked is the mark of the beast.
Vote! because melting ice caps make for swelling white caps on the beaches and
 boulevards of inland towns.
Vote! because the checks and balances need to be checked and balanced, there being
 too much red in their ledger.
Vote! because bankruptcy can’t save the nation.
Vote! because a peached orange has tainted all the produce in the box.
Vote! because it is the least violent of our options.
Vote! because lives and life depend on the ballot box and the weight it holds
 on this
 the first Tuesday after the first Monday
 could lift us from a cold November mourning.

©2020 David Siller ; Twitter/IG @waxyandpoetic ;

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