This is more a first-draft rant than anything. It should be sent through the edit-o-meter many times, but needs must and all. Thank goodness we have a president in office that knows Trans Lives Matter.

The GOP is Obsessed With Genitalia

Remember when they wanted to know what you served
so they could ban you from trying to serve?

And now they want to see your equipment
so they can tell you what sport to play.
And they want to know how you pee
so they can tell you where to pee.

And they want to deny you meds and care
when you and your doctors know what meds and care
you need.

And they want to know how you procreate
so than can decide whether you will be forced to procreate

And if they know what you’re working with
(and you’re a straight white male)
they will work with you when you mess up
or worse

They are so pro-life they wish upon you
misery and worse
if the life you want and know 
doesn’t fit their myopia.
They will protect you from yourself
so they can do the harm

They are so obsessed with deregulation
they will jump to regulate your junk.
They are so vigilant about freedom
they will tell you who you are.

So when they ask you how you pee,
tell them to piss off.

©David Siller – 2021


For the first 100 days of the Biden administration, this website will feature a new poem of What’s Next!? These pieces can be calls to action, calls to attention, or calls to anger. They will light the way and guide the fight. They will get us moving and keep our momentum. They will be filled with hope, with anger, with sorrow. They will get us into good trouble and point out the trouble we need to stop. They will be polished gems, or rough-cut drafts of rage, or in-process pieces searching for peace. They may be haiku or tanka, limericks or lyrics, verses free or fettered.

#100Days100Poems of What’s Next!? wants your poems, your prose, your visual art (photos, drawings, sculptures), your music, your short films and animations. Interpret the theme as broadly as you’d like.

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